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The Sex Education you wish you had.
Uncensored and fun videos by real sex professionals. No condoms on bananas here.

SexSchool is seeking to grow sexuality from explicit content to lifestyle education. Sex may be what we offer, but we are expanding the parameters of SEX to include our idea of PLEASURE BEYOND ORGASM. This idea encapsulates multiple lifestyle components that can be seen in our sex lives. We navigate sexual space by creating “how to” content that combines reality and pleasure.

SexSchool’s content breaks down the falsehoods, misconceptions and inaccuracies resulting from mainstream ideas in our environments. Our content targets an audience seeking to invest in themselves.




Our Pilot Episode! The Team discusses the thrills, challenges and plenty of advice for
pleasurable threesomes.
The discussion is followed by a sex scene where Sadie, Parker and Lina explore safer sex
tips, deal with jealousy problems and achieve intense, real orgasms.
After shooting this first episode we changed and improved some bits of our format, so
keep an eye on our following films!

A key practice for healthy sex and relationships everyone should know about.
Sadie Lune explores what consent is, why is it so important for healthy sex and
relationships as well as the different forms in which consent can be granted or

Sexual Health:
Explore the many layers of sexual health and its most important aspects.
Sexual health is a broad topic that expands beyond the use of condoms. Parker Marx
addresses the different dimensions of health and emphasizes the more important
aspects that should be taken into account.

Common questions about sexual identities and advice for social situations.
What’s the difference between gender identity and gender expression? How does sexual
orientation work? Bishop and Lina answer the most common questions surrounding
sexual identities and offer advice for social situations.

Curious about giving it a try? Our guest Mareen unpacks the elements of BDSM,
its main rules and safety considerations for a safer start in these pleasurable practices.
Our guest Mareen unpacks the elements of BDSM, its main rules, safety considerations
and more. She also provides advice and tips on how to start exploring kink and BDSM,
either solo or with a partner.

Is squirting the same as peeing? We invited Kali to give an overview of this
often misunderstood bodily function is about, plus useful advice on how to achieve it.
Check out the tips to start exploring!

Porn (1):
Lina demystifies porn, What’s real about it? What’s not? What can audiences
actually, learn from porn?
Lina demystifies porn. What’s real, what’s not, and what can audiences learn from porn.
She also explores what’s ethical porn and how it involves consumer tool. Lina
demystifies porn. What’s real, what’s not, and what can audiences actually learn from it!
Lina also explores what’s ethical porn and how consumers have a big role in it too.

Porn (2):
Want to try something you’ve seen in porn? Here’s how to set healthy limits
between your favourite porn fantasies and reality.
This episode explores how to set healthy limits between your favourite porn fantasies
and reality. It also deals with how to watch porn with a partner and how to overcome the
shame of watching porn.

Sometimes underrated, yet an incredible way to connect with a partner. The
The team shares their experiences and tips about this art, right before jumping into a
delicious kissing orgy!
Kissing is a super important, yet overlooked element in sexual encounters. The Team
shares their experiences and tips about kissing. After a good chat, they invite a few
friends over for a steamy kissing session to exemplify the enjoyable side of good kisses
and chemistry.

Members of the Team, plus guest Feral have an honest, animated
conversation about hooking up:  the positives, the turn-offs, safety concerns, the tricky
bits, etc. Feral and Bishop hook up for the first time and offer different Do’s and Don’ts
Bishop and Feral show everyone how their first hook-up experience went.
(Spoiler: it was super hot!).

Pleasure Mapping:
Our guest Mareen introduces the concept of Pleasure Mapping. A
practice that enhances self-awareness, clear roles and a tool to improve communication
between couples. Lina and Bishop get curious and decide to dive into their very first
Pleasure Mapping experience!
Our guest Mareen introduces the concept of Pleasure Mapping to Lina and Bishop. She
explains it’s a practice that enhances self-awareness, and clear roles and helps improve
communication between couples, allowing them to expand their ways of feeling

Pleasure Mapping, Bishop’s Experience:
Now it’s Bishop’s turn to give Pleasure
Mapping a try for the first time! Watch him relax and explore new sensations. Pay
attention to his thoughtful impressions about how to allow ourselves to connect and feel
pleasure in different ways!
Pleasure Mapping is the mindful exploring of the body through touch. This episode is
focused on Bishop’s first experience, assisted by Lina. It also offers advice on how to get
started and establish communication between partners.


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