SexSchool – Kissing



Sometimes underrated, yet an incredible way to connect with a partner. The
The team shares their experiences and tips about this art, right before jumping into a
delicious kissing orgy!
Kissing is a super important, yet overlooked element in sexual encounters. The Team
shares their experiences and tips about kissing. After a good chat, they invite a few
friends over for a steamy kissing session to exemplify the enjoyable side of good kisses
and chemistry.




The Sex Education you wish you had.
Uncensored and fun videos by real sex professionals. No condoms on bananas here.

SexSchool is seeking to grow sexuality from explicit content to lifestyle education. Sex may be what we offer, but we are expanding the parameters of SEX to include our idea of PLEASURE BEYOND ORGASM. This idea encapsulates multiple lifestyle components that can be seen in our sex lives. We navigate sexual space by creating “how to” content that combines reality and pleasure.

SexSchool’s content breaks down the falsehoods, misconceptions and inaccuracies resulting from mainstream ideas in our environments. Our content targets an audience seeking to invest in themselves.


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