Megan peered out the front of her car’s windshield at the flat, gray building. There was absolutely nothing exciting about it. It looked like a rejected farmhouse, with plain steel walls and a flat, tiled ceiling. She narrowed her eyes and leaned over her steering wheel, as though the extra five inches would give her the power to see through metal walls, so she could know what was going on inside the building. Her fingers tapped thoughtfully on her dashboard. She had been in town for about three weeks now, spending all her time on her laptop in the small town’s only diner, or at the library, scanning through old newspaper clippings and the town’s historical records. She wasn’t entirely sure what she was looking for— she never was, when she first started a research project— but she knew that this is where the cult she was supposed to be researching apparently gathered every last Friday of the month. She had seen a number of people walk in through the side door, leaning in to whisper something— a password, maybe?— before entering.

Megan was a true-crime writer and had been doing it for a little less than a decade now, ever since she had graduated from college. Her focus was on cults and secret societies, and she had already written three successful books on them by infiltrating a group and learning about them from the inside. It was tough work, and her mother always said it was too dangerous, but Megan loved it. She couldn’t imagine herself ever doing anything else. The thrill of sneaking in, learning, exposing. She lived for it. So now here she was, scoping out this building from an anonymous tip she’d gotten from someone in town. She didn’t know anything about what was going on— she hadn’t heard or discovered anything, other than a rumor and suspicion that a secret society existed. She had been skeptical but had done her due diligence, and as she watched another person wrapped in dark clothes walk into the abandoned building, she didn’t have any more doubt. There was something going on in there, and she was going to find out. She opened the door to her car slowly and slipped out, wrapping her jacket around her and looking around. The parking lot of the building was empty— she wasn’t sure where the other people were coming from, but she was ready to find out. She walked quickly across the parking lot, her gaze fixed on the building. She didn’t know the password, so she wouldn’t be able to get in like everyone else had, but maybe there was a way around back that she could sneak in.

She crept along the edge of the building towards the back until she found a small window along the ground that she thought she could fit into. She crouched down, rearranging her skirt around her knees. “Hm,” she muttered to herself. “Well, I think I can fit in there.” She reached forward to pull the windowpane off, but before she could there was the sound of someone clearing throat behind her. “Ahem.” She whirled around, her heart thumping. A man was standing there, in jeans and plaid. His arms were crossed over his chest, and his full lips were curled in an amused smirk. He had thick black hair and a strong jaw, his dark eyes a deep, rich brown. Megan took a minute to appreciate his looks before she remembered the exact situations she was in. “Oh— I. Um.” “Invitation?” he asked. Megan frowned. “What?” “Do you have an invitation?” “Um.” “No, I didn’t think so. I’m afraid I’m going to have to ask you to leave the area. This is private property.” Megan stood with a huff, brushing off her clothes. She knew she couldn’t argue— she had just been caught trying to break in, after all.” She turned and walked back towards where she had left her car, and the man trailed after her. “So what’s your name?” he asked. “For the next time, you try and break-in.” “Who says I’m going to try again?” “You have the look of someone who doesn’t give in easily.” Megan pursed her lips. Well, he wasn’t wrong. “My name’s Megan.” “Colton. Nice to meet you.” “Hm. You want to tell me anything about the group that meets up here?” “Nope,” he said. “Why are you researching us?” “None of your business.” She opened the door of her car and slid into the driver’s seat. “Where’s the nearest bar?” She would drink away her frustrations at not getting any information tonight, and then regroup and think of a plan for tomorrow. “About twenty miles east off the main road. McClintocks. Only bar in town— you can’t miss it.” “Humph. Well, thanks for nothing.” She turned on the car, the engine drowning out his response, and she pulled away. It was too bad he was probably an occultist. He was hot.

Megan took a sip of her drink and stared thoughtfully at the bowl of peanuts in front of her. “Maybe I should pose as a satanist and hope for the best,” she muttered to herself and startled as someone chuckled and slid into the barstool next to her. “That won’t work, I can assure you, but I admire the effort,” the man from before— Colton— said, grinning. “Besides, lying probably isn’t allowed in the rules, is it?” Megan lifted her eyebrows at the man and pursed her lips in a classic bitch face, not caring if she looked childish. “I’m a writer,” she said flatly. “I don’t have to follow any rules. And any rules I am supposed to follow, I break.” Colton’s face twisted thoughtfully, taking a moment to parse through her words. “That’s an interesting way to justify getting ready to break into an invite-only event and bothering all the guests until someone has to come ad quite literally shoo you away.” “‘Invite only event?’ Really? That’s how you’re going to refer to a cult meeting?” “A cult meeting? Come on, now. That’s stretching it, don’t you think?” “Hardly. Small towns are perfect breeding grounds for things like that. And what do you mean, you shooed me away? No one shooed me away, I left because I agreed to!” Colton was looking at her, a spark of amusement in his eyes. He threw the rest of his whiskey back, and Megan watched his throat move as he swallowed. His hand, wrapped around the glass, looked big, and for just a moment Megan found herself imagining those hands on her, hot and large on her waist, holding her still, as he buried his face between her legs, and then— Fuck, what was she thinking? Megan quickly looked away, her face feeling hot, and took a gulp of her pineapple vodka, letting the burn of it in her throat distract her. Jesus, she didn’t have time to think about fucking some random cult member. She was too busy trying to prove he was a cult member, after all. “What are you thinking about?” Colton asked. His voice was deeper, slower, and when Megan turned back to meet his eye, it almost looked like he was hungry for something. “Nothing,” she said quickly, and he smirked. “You sure?” he said, lifting an eyebrow. He lifted a hand and ran it down her throat, slowly. Megan was too shocked to move away. “Your skin is so warm,” he murmured. “You know, I was keeping an eye on you while you were in your car, watching us. You looked so intense, so focused. Your gaze was so hot. And then when I stopped you outside the building, your eyes were still so intense. I felt like you were touching me all over, and all I could think about was getting to feel you against me.” Megan bit her lip as Colton’s gaze raked over her. “I don’t… I mean, I can’t…” “C’mon, Megan,” Colton whispered. “You can call it research if you’d like.” His knee pressed against hers underneath the bar, and his hand rested on her thigh, pressing against her. “You have to know everything about us, don’t you?” Megan shifted in her seat as Colton’s hands moved up and in on her leg, closer to the junction between her legs which suddenly felt much wetter now. She wondered if, when she stood up, there would be a puddle on the barstool. “Megan, please,” Colton said. He leaned forward and raised his hand that wasn’t on her leg to her cheek, brushing a lock of hair behind her ear. “Let’s do it— I can tell you want to.” She felt like she couldn’t catch her breath. Everything was too hot, too much. His hand on her leg, on her neck, both so close to the most sensitive parts of her… “My— my research, there’s a. Um. An issue with credibility, if I… oh…” As she spoke, Colton had shifted so that he could press his lips on her jaw, trailing them down, down her throat to her collar, where he bit lightly at the jut of her collarbone. “I’ll give you a little information,” he said, his voice teasing. “Just one little thing. But only if you do what we both know you want to do, and say yes.” Megan bit back a whimper. His hands were so warm on her, and every part of her that he touched was tingling. She could feel the dampening in her sex, the desperate throb that coursed from her breasts pressed in her bra down to her cunt. She did want it. She hadn’t realized how bad she wanted it until his hands were on her, but now she couldn’t think of anything else but having him touch every part of her. “Okay,” she whispered. “Okay, yes, yes… please.” Colton grinned and leaned back in his seat so that he could look her in the eye. “One thing you should know about us,” he said, “is that when it comes to sex, we’re all about making our partner feel good.” He smiled, a hazy look coming over his face. “When you’re with someone from our group, it’s all about you. I want to make you feel good, Megan. Better than you’ve ever felt. I want to make you cum so hard, harder than you ever have before. And I want it to be all for you.” His eyes were so hot on her, Megan felt like his gaze and the words he spoke alone could make her cum. She stared back at him. “Meet me in the bathroom?” she asked, and Colton grinned. “I know the bartender. He’ll understand— we don’t have to sneak.” He stood and grabbed her hand, tugging her off the barstool. She went willingly as he led her towards the place’s one bathroom, trying to ignore the fact that everyone else in the bar could see them and probably knew exactly what they were doing.

Colton pushed the bathroom door open, and Megan stepped in after him. As soon as it closed, Colton was grabbing her and lifting her onto the sink, stepping between her legs. His hands ran down her body. “God, Megan, you’re beautiful,” he whispered. His hands pulled her sweater off, and then her bra, and he pushed her skirt up so that it bunched around her hips. He grasped at her tits, squeezing them lightly and massaging around her nipples. Megan moaned as her nipples hardened into peaks, and her pussy flooded with wetness. “Please, Colton,” she gasped, and he nodded quickly. “Okay, okay,” he said, kissing his way down her body. “I’ll take care of you, don’t worry.” He knelt on the bathroom floor and sucked lightly at the inside of her legs before mouthing against her panty clad cunt. She moaned at the feeling of his tongue pressing against her sex and gave small thrusts forward. He sucked on her pussy lips and then grabbed her hips to pull her panties down and out of the way. He circled her clit lightly with his tongue, and Megan moaned as heat simmered low in her belly. “Fuck, Colton, that feels so good,” she gasped, as he slid his tongue between her slit and teased at the tight ring of muscle at the opening of her hole. His mouth was so hot against her, it felt like every part of her was burning up. He brought one of his hands up to slip a finger inside her, and as he curled it to rub against her wet inner walls, she gasped. “Fuck, fuck, fuck,” she moaned, her legs shaking and her head falling back against the bathroom sink mirror. “God, Colton, your mouth, it’s… it’s amazing.” “Mhm,” he moaned against her sex and then leaned away. “You taste amazing, Megan. So sweet.” She licked her lips, looking down at him. His lips were slick with her juices, his cheeks flushed. “Can I taste?” she asked, and he grinned. “Of course you can,” he purred. He stood and tilted her face up to align his lips with hers. He licked into her mouth, and Megan hummed happily as his tongue curled with hers. He tasted warm and a little salty. “Please,” she whispered. “Make me cum.” He nodded quickly and pushed his pants down, his red, hard cock bobbing free of his underpants. He rubbed the head of it against her cunt, and Megan moaned. “Please, please don’t tease,” she begged, and he groaned as her hands gripped his hips. “I won’t, Megan, I promise,” he gasped, and then he was pushing into her, filling her and spreading her wide. Megan threw her head back wildly in pleasure, moaning. Everything was so much, so good. She couldn’t handle it as he pounded in and out of her, her lips dragging against his thick shaft. “God, yes, yes!” she gasped, and then she was cumming, shaking as Colton swallowed her moans. Her cunt clenched around his cock, and as she shivered in the pleasurable aftershocks of her orgasm she felt him shoot his load into her. He sank his teeth into her throat and moaned as he came. The two of them panted against each other, and Colton slowly pulled out of him. Megan blinked up at Colton, who looked back steadily at her. “So,” she started. “What’s it going to take to make you answer some more questions for me?”

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